Egg of Strength

Caviar is an ancient Persian term, translating to “egg of strength” with a very good reason, as caviar has one of the highest nutritional values of any

Where it begins

Early this century sturgeons were found in all European rivers, but pollution has restricted them so that now they are only found in the Caspian Sea, Black Sea, Siberian Rivers, Chinese Rivers, and some rivers of the western states of the US. Many of the twenty sturgeon species are already extinct. In 2008 CITIES places a blanket ban on the commercial harvesting of wild sturgeon, the world caviar market is now serviced by aquaculture. Caviar is sold either fresh, in which case it should be consumed within 2-3 months, or pasteurized, which gives it a much longer shelf life. The quality and taste of fresh caviar are superior to pasteurized caviar. There are three species of sturgeon that are the main suppliers of caviar: Sevruga, Oscitera, Beluga.

Tasting tips

For the ultimate tasting pleasure, place a small ball of caviar in the crook of your upper hand between thumb and forefinger. Allow the caviar to rise to blood temperature and raise to your nose, inhale deeply before placing the caviar in your mouth. Roll the ball of caviar gently across your tongue, before placing it against the palate. The warmth of the mouth will melt the membrane and the caviar will melt like butter. Draw air across your tongue and swim in the sea of flavours. You will taste the light salt cure and when inhaling, the fresh bright scent of the ocean will carry the alluring, yet lasting flavour of green walnuts through to the back palate.

Good caviar should never leave odours on your hand after a tasting.

The best drink to pair with caviar is either premium vodka, cognac, dry champagne, or a Franciacorta sparkling wine.

The caviar experience

At Candelori’s we believe that everyone needs to try caviar at least one time in life. For this reason, our chefs have created a curated menu to explore this world.
We usually offer differents Caviars such Beluga, Oscietra, White Sturgeon, Black Pearl Siberian, and Oscietra Gold combined with different kinds of fish such scallops, oysters, scampi, and lobsters; depending on the season.
Although these combinations are perfect, we also have house-made tasting dips to explore the intense flavour of the caviar itself.



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